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Current Projects in Progress

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Focus of Non-Profit: The Center for Community-Based & Nonprofit Organizations at ACC District serves those engaged in the non-profit sector with training courses and certificate programs in non-profit leadership. – See more at:

Project: Creation of database with contact listings for all non-profits in Central Texas (8 county area)

Volunteers: PM – Lisa Kimble; Database Designer – George Day, Jr.; Researchers – Dr. Cassandra Campbell of Campden Enterprises, LLC; Charles Howard; Elise Richardson.


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Mission of Non-Profit: To cultivate, promote and empower the economic well-being of the LGBT business community and their allies through collaboration, education and community development.

Project: Creation of Policies and Procedures Manual

Volunteer: Laura Sheridan of Sheridan Solutions LLC – Consultant


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Focus of Non-Profit: To train political leaders – elected officials, candidates, grassroots leaders, etc. – in the art of conflict resolution. Based on a technique used by the founders in 2002 when they traveled to Pakistan to offer conflict resolution training to Elders in the Afghan refugee camps.

Project: Brand packaging – new logo and corresponding printed media. (Currently looking at a name change. Branding will be tied to new name.)

Volunteers: PM – Jason Kovarik; Marketing/Re-Branding Consultant – Michelle Widmer; Graphic Designer – Paige Aleshire


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Focus of Non-Profit: A sustainable farm and artist residency program that explores the nexus between artistic practice and sustainable living. Sited on 170 acres in Kingsbury, TX, Habitable Spaces invites artists from all over the country and around the world to live in residence on the farm, to create their own micro housing, and continue to develop the artistic vision of the community.

Project: Creation of a solid, 5-year business plan for growth paired with an immediate crowd funding plan

Volunteers: PM – Ken Hattaway; Business Consultants – Karen Kelvie & Ivan Risch


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Launch Pad Job Club “Goes to School”

Focus of Non-Profit: Launch Pad Job Club is a networking, support, and job lead sharing organization that aids and supports jobseekers in their search for The Perfect Job.

Project: Coordinating outreach about LPJC to area universities and Austin’s hottest companies to assist Millennials with their job searches via social media, their preferred method of networking.

PM – Don Young

Researchers contacting Austin’s top/hottest cos. to learn when they hold forums and mixers.

Volunteer: Christy Langendoen.


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Mission of Non-Profit: To empower low-income individuals with a loving hand of assistance and without regard to age, gender, race, or religious preference.  Manos de Cristo promotes dignity and self-reliance by meeting basic needs with food and clothing, providing essential oral care, and furthering educational development.

Project: Phase II of implementation of Office 365/Sharepoint system

Volunteer: Microsoft Consultant/Leap to Success Director of Technology – Brian Kinsella

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Mission of Non-Profit: To save Austin’s historic Norwood House, a 1922 Arts & Crafts treasure on the shores of Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX.

Project #1: Review and realignment of financial reports

Volunteers: PM – June Nguyen; Accounting Consultant – Connie Young

Project #2: Tweaking of current website with addition of pages and edits of current pages

Volunteers: PM – June Nguyen; Website Developer – John Jung


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Focus of Non-Profit: A social organization that provides mature gay and bisexual men and others who enjoy their company opportunities to enrich their lives by building friendships in a safe and supportive environment. They also provide an avenue into the gay community for older men who have recently “come out.”

Project: Creation of new website

Volunteers: PM – Rick Markle; Website Designer – Patrick Vo; Website Developer – Brian Lee


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Focus of organization: TRACKERS is a feature documentary film about a rescued border collie on a mission to track the most endangered animal in Texas, the Houston Toad. The film explores how creative solutions to today’s environmental challenges could be sitting right under our noses.

Project #1: Assistance in creating overall social media marketing plan for upcoming Indiegogo campaign in May 2015.

Volunteer: Social Media Consultant – Rick Austin

Project #2: Research assistance for Fundraising – Researching area fundraising partners, grants, and media contacts.

Volunteer: Researcher – Charles Howard


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Focus of Campaign: To lobby Congress for a “universal living wage” for each jurisdiction in the United States. A universal living wage is one that allows an individual to afford a one-bedroom apartment and take public transportation without having to work multiple jobs to do so.

Project: Creation of new website

Volunteers: PM and Website Designer – Mary Chadwick; Programmer – Paul Dombkowski; Content Editor – James Oyster








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Success Stories

Everything was a huge hit! Everyone loved the new logo and all of the collateral materials. The Clinics were thrilled that we had used their pictures. I hope I get the opportunity to work with this great organization again in the future - it was such a pleasure!

- Jody Hopkins
TX Assoc of Charitable Clinics

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